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Supreme House Manager:

The Barvarian
A few of Peter's stock phrases:

Note the incredible resemblance to the mad German scientist in "Doctor Strangelove"

Hard to explain is the charm of this teutonic curmudgeon. So I won't try. But here are a few vignettes to illustrate:

1) Every morning Peter buys the Bangkok Post and draws little Hitler mustaches on people he thinks are bad. (Corrupt politicians, misbehaving celebrities, etc.) Then he draws dialogue balloons making them say stupid things in broken English.

2) Peter has put up so many signs in Supreme House that it is virtually impossible to follow all the rules, impelling him to put up even more signs. There is now virtually no free wall space in the common areas.

3) Peter once had a fish tank with fish named after evil dictators. A fat black fish was named Idi Amin. One with a spot above its mouth was Hitler. A little brown one was Pol Pot. They all died.

4) Peter has an amazing bookstore on the premises - a very literate connection. But the only books he has read in the last ten years are Thomas Harris'. He has read "Red Dragon" six times in a row.

5) Peter was a vegetarian for ten years until he was defecated upon after driving his motorcycle behind a pig truck.

6) Yet he has great sympathy for animals, but only if they're ill or disabled. Doctor Evil and Sars are his favorites. Doctor Evil is a small cat who once scared away a customer because he is so outrageously ugly. Sars has a resperatory problem that causes him to sneeze constantly.