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Links to friends of mine who have links to link to.

Herschlove.com - Memorial Page for David Herschman.

Glen Norris - Secret Idea maker and not-so-secret genius. Wrote a great book on Burma.

Dick Derry - Musician and Actor extraordinario.

Joe Cummings - Celebrated travelscribe and Guitar avatar.

Matt Diamond - His Uncle Roscoe Page pays testament to his unconditional love and generosity towards all God's creatures. A demented savant.

Dennis Gillman - Palm Reading Pseudo-Uncle-o-Mine.

Colin Cotterill - Brilliant cartoonist, best-selling novelist and all-around altruistic dude. Read this.

Philip Smith - House of Records owner and pundit punster.

Peter Straus - Old buddy and the only friend I have who is good at sports. Even teaches athletics to rugrats at his Prime Time Sports Camp.

Rick Gutierrez - Multivision Design visionary, employer and old buddy.

Hikaru Phillips - Old friend, lost in Oz. Does something tricky with memes.

Tyler Fenn - Friendly lunatic jester, conceived Dummy Disc Jackets and Antiguan Steel Sculpture.

Peter Braunwarth - The outrageous, inimitable manager of Chiang Mai's Supreme House.

Carmen Rademaker - Beautiful and ruthless CEO of Go Putt Putt, a miniature golf course here in Chiang Mai.

Fiona Raggatt and Miranda Swift - From Sabai, the band I play with often. Two fair maidens who thoroughly folk rock .

Aree Sanyaluck - The best Thai massage teacher in Chiang Mai. Learning to rub was never so fun.