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This is a pretty difficult Big Lebowski trivia quiz. It includes questions about events in the movie as well as its making.
Let's take this hill!

Question 1

What is the name of the real person upon whom the Dude was based?

A Jeff Dowd
B Henry Miller
C Saddam Hussein
D Jeff Bridges
E The Coen Brother's Uncle
F Harvey Weintraub

Question 2

What term does Monty the landlord use to refer to his dance performance?

A Interpretation
B Recital
C Installation
D Experiment
E Cycle

Question 3

Which character in the movie is played by a real-life country musician?

A Smokey
B John Goodman
C The Nihilist played by Flea
D Liam
E The stranger

Question 4

What was the subject of Larry Sellars' homework paper?

A The Emancipation Proclamation
B The Declaration of Independence
C The Louisiana Purchase
D The Monroe Doctrine
E The Maxon-Dixon Line

Question 5

What does the Dude use instead of his usual half-and-half to make his white russian at Maude Lebowski's place?

A Cream
B Non-dairy creamer
C Milk
D Soy milk
E Rice milk

Question 6

What kind of car does the dude drive?

B Ford Farimont
C Chevy Nova
D Gran Torino
E Pontiac Lebaron

Question 7

Where did Jesus Quintana serve time for exposing himself to children?

A Chino
B San Quentin
C Los Angeles County
D Redlands
E Folsom State

Question 8

What does Donny say he is throwing in his first scene?

A Pins
B Balls
C Strikes
D Bolts
E Rocks

Question 9

What song is Bunny Lebowski listening to as she is driving back from Palm Springs?

A Voices Carry
B Bring Me Dead Flowers
C Viva Las Vegas
D Bad Girls
E The Man in Me

Question 10

What date is on the check the Dude makes out for 69 cents?

A June 13, 1990
B November 2, 1990
C April 2, 1990
D March 22, 1991
E September 11, 1991

Question 11

What is the name of Autobahn's only album?

A Nagelbett
B Achtung
C Schadenfreude
D Glockenspiel
E Lingonberry

Question 12

What was unusual about the scene in which the "ringer" gets thrown out the window of the moving car?

A Walter threw it off the wrong side of the bridge
B It was thrown at the car instead of out of the car, then shown in reverse.
C You can see a member of the crew in the background.
D The arm that threw it out the window is not wearing Walter's army surplus jacket.
E The suitcase was a different color than in previous scenes.

Question 13

What was the name of the porn film the Dude imagined he was in while drugged by Jackie Treehorn?

A Logjammin'
B Balls of Fire
C Three Holes
D Rollingpins
E Gutterballs

Question 14

What kind of animal did the Nihilists throw in the tub with the Dude?

A Weasel
B Ferret
C Sloth
D Beaver
E Marmot

Question 15

In what other film does Jeff Bridges bowl?

A Starman
B Tron
C The Contender
E The Last Picture Show

Question 16

What does Walter mean by "Aitz Chaim He"?

A Let there be peace.
B The tree of life.
C Thy will be done
D So it shall be.
E The future is now.

Question 17

Why does the Dude want his money in cash?

A He doesn't have a bank account.
B He needs to pay the rent.
C He doesn't trust the Big Lebowski
D He's afraid it will place him in a higher tax bracket.
E He needs to buy marijuana.

Question 18

What color were the Dude's sandals?

A Brown
B Black
C Tan
D White
E Clear

Question 19

Why was Jeff Bridges smiling so strangely as he passed under the skirts of the dancers?

A He was drunk.
B He misunderstood the Coens' directions but they decided to keep it anyway.
C He was laughing because the women had hairy wigs stuffed into their panties.
D He was in pain because the wires holding him up were cutting into his flesh.
E He was laughing because they were actually men in drag.

Question 20

In the movie Logjammin', who is the friend of Bunny that has just come out of the shower - in real life?

A Jennifer Hu, a penthouse centerfold.
B Viper Vixen, a b-movie actress
C Natasha Szcerny, a fashion model.
D Janie Sizemore, a stand-in who also appears uncredited in other Coen brothers movies.
E Asia Carrera, a porn star.